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The GETT Workshop

The Green Enterprise Technology Transformation (GETT) one-day workshop is a practitioner's guide to helping enterprises reduce their carbon footprint, reduce energy costs, and improve their overall enterprise agility.

Drawing upon experiences and insights from practitioners and thought leaders in the global ESG community, we have created a 6 hour workshop which will make attendees aware of technologies impact on the environment, what can be done to reduce its impact and provide context specific actions that attendees can deliver for their enterprise to achieve their sustainability objectives.

In the GETT’s workshop, you’ll discover the importance of having a culture of energy efficiency, gain an understanding of what can be done across a variety of architecture domains, how to be more energy efficient in the delivery of value and discover tools to help measure energy efficiency at the app or service level.

On completing this workshop you will have gained a comprehensive understanding as to why energy efficiency is so important and how each attendee can play a significant part in saving the planet.

The workshop consists of three parts:

  • Energy Efficiency Culture

  • How to be more energy efficient across various architecture disciplines i.e. Enterprise, Business, Data, Application and Platform/Technical

  • Delivery

Each part starts with a tutor lead explanation and relevant examples to help attendees understand what they can do in their context to facilitate energy efficiency.

Attendees are then given time to enter activities into their backlog which they believe will achieve the energy efficiency goals we have previously outlined.

The GETT’s workshop is relevant to anyone who is involved in delivering and/or operating technology of some form be that consumer websites, apps or services, business services, enabling solutions, entertainment etc.

By completing this workshop attendees will gain the Foundation Level Certification in Sustainable Delivery. This certificate acknowledges the attendee has gained awareness of the need for energy efficiency in enterprises and various techniques in order to achieve that.

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